Pearl Varnish

With Outstanding Decoration

Package design is the "face" of a product. We offer high luminance gold and silver inks, fluorescent inks, special flexo inks such as pearl varnish to customers who want eye-catching design with a profound feeling.

Aqueous Flexo Gold and Silver Ink

Series Application Product Characteristics

Aqua F


Pale Gold

Rich Gold

  • Gold ink with high printability, luminance, and opacity

Silver T-1

  • Silver ink with a favorable balance of printability, luminance, and opacity

Luminous Silver

  • Silver ink with high luminance

UV Curing Type Gold and Silver Ink

Series Application Product Characteristics



NW Gold

  • Gold ink with high bright color

  • Corresponding to Pantone No. 871-876.

NW Silver

  • High brilliancy.

  • Corresponding to Pantone No. 877.

Foil Silver

  • Providing very high metallic luster of mirror surface using metallic foil powder by vacuum deposition

Color Variation of Pearlescent Varnish ( UV / Water-based )

Aqueous pearl varnish ink for flexo printers provides unique pearl-tone printing effect on package printing that cannot be made possible with offset printing.
Various designs using this ink enable printing expressions with originality and impact.
By underprinting or overprinting on ordinary paper, package with a texture that is similar to the one using glossy paper is available in low cost. Use anchor pearl type ink for underprint.
The luster of pearl inks cannot be reproduced with copy machines or scanners. Utilizing pearl inks on money vouchers or coupons as a security printing method can prevent illegalities.

Series Product Characteristics

White Pearl

No.1 White Silver

  • High brilliancy (coarse particles type)

No.2 White Silver

  • Standard type

No.3 White Silver

  • Focusing on opacity (micro powder type)

Polarization Pearl

No.11 Gold

  • Deflection pearl utilizing interference effect of light

  • Enjoyable color varieties

No.12 Orange

No.13 Red

No.14 Violet

No.15 Blue

No.16 Green

Tinting Pearl

No.50 Gold

  • Glossy density pearl available even on paper

No.51 Orange

No.52 Red


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