Oil-based Ink for Offset

Oil-based Ink for Offset

We offer versatile process 4-color inks with high stability on printers, intermediate color inks, and high-density black inks.

Since when we offered transparent yellow ink for color overprint for the first time in Japan, we have strong credentials in development of inks such as high-density black ink "OS Super Black" that has received widespread support from designers.

Product Application Type Characteristics

EST V Power

Sheet-fed offset

Eco Mark certified
vegetable oil ink

Process 4C

  • Carton ink with high drying characteristics, heap up property, abrasion resistance

EST SO Process
GV SO Spot Colors

Process 4C
Spot Colors

  • Versatile process ink with high stability with a printer

  • 18 colors lineup such as bronze-red, medium yellow, and medium

OS Super Black

Sheet-fed offset

Vegetable oil ink

For general application

Black ink

  • High-density black ink with bluish tone

GV HF Black

Black ink

  • Black ink with high abrasion resistance

  • Fast set drying time, high drying characteristics on paper, less dry down, and high printing effect

Extra Black

Black ink

  • High-density black ink with bluish tone

  • Superior in fitness on paper, water allowance characteristics, and post-process characteristics


Offset Oil-based ink







  • Fluorescent ink with excellent color intensity and luminescence


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