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To preserve for future generations,
a look at how MEGAMI INK is working to help our environment:

MEGAMI INK Mfg. Co., Ltd. believes that the utmost consideration should be given to environmental preservation as it is one of the 21st century’s most important challenges. We have been committed to the realization of a sustainable society for the next generation by upholding our environment policy through our corporate social responsibility policy.
Thus, we are working to reduce the impact of an ink product’s entire lifecycle on the environment, from its conception to its final disposal. We develop products that preserve the environment.
Many of these products have acquired an Eco Mark Certification, authorized by the Japan Environment Association. Some of our products use environmentally friendly vegetable oil as a substitute for petroleum solvents. As a part of our efforts, we acquired the ISO 9001 certification in 2002, and have adopted it to meet our international product quality management standards.
We are constantly striving to secure safety and product quality from the material formulation stage by strictly complying with the chemical substance regulations and laws of the respective regions including European countries, Australia, Korea, China, and other Asian countries etc. where our products are exported, as well as the Negative List inventory of the Japan Printing Ink Association. For food package printing ink we are developing our products, to comply with EU and USA regulations as well as regulations set forth in other countries.


【News Release】 dated January 15th, 2021
We built a roof-top solar panel system at our Tokyo Business Unit Technical Center for promoting the spread of environmentally friendly renewable energy and undertaking serious initiatives to preserve our planet for the next generation.
All of our color matched ink products at our Tokyo Technical Center are manufactured with environmentally friendly renewable energy.
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